Woden's Folk Publications

The SWORD OF WAYLAND is published in March and September and is the exoteric magazine dedicated to the Woden Folk-Religion and the Folkish Heathenism that we promote. This covers the basic ideas within Folkish Wodenism and also the working of the Wheel of Woden. 

The SPEAR OF WODEN is the esoteric magazine published in December and June dedicated to the Cult of Woden and the Woden Mystery Religion at the heart of the Woden Folk-Religion. This covers the work of the Woden Brotherhood and the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag.

Full details can be got through -

Email - Wulf@wodensfolk.org.uk

Mail - Woden's Folk, BCM Woden, London WC1N 3XX, England. 

At this time these are available here in England only. We can now send out details and subscription forms via email to those who supply us with a mailing address to confirm that they are serious enquiries.

Overseas Wodenists - For those overseas who are interested in Wodenism or what we are doing please email me (Wulf) at the above email address and ask for a SAMPLE ONLINE MAGAZINE which we shall send to you in pdf or doc form.

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