The Heathen Folk-Community

The following are Hearths of the Heathen Folk-Community which can be contacted through the email address/mobile phone as shown below. Where no address is given please contact for the message to be passed on. When making contact please leave your name and a contact address/number so that the Hearth or Contact can get back to you.

Hearth of Heruli (East Sussex) - contact

Wolf's Head Hearth (Hampshire-Wiltshire) - Wulfgar.

Hearth of the Strong Oak (Hertfordshire) - Hamasson - contact

Odal Hearth (South Essex) -

Drinking-Horn Hearth (North Essex) -

Beowulf Hearth (Suffolk) - Sigurd.

Thor's Hammer Hearth (Norfolk) - Deerhunter -

Wulfserc Hearth (Surrey) - Garhild -

Geatas Hearth (Lancs.) - Veorson -

                                         - Vicaxe -

Hearth of Penda (West Mercia) - Ailric -

Hooded Man Hearth (East Mercia) - Raven - contact

Hearth of Wild Edric (Shropshire) - Offa Whitesun -

Wulf Veldasson (North Yorkshire) - contact through

Rowan - (South Yorkshire) - contact through


Mark Payne (Hampshire) - contact or mobile 07842  955406 


Merry Men Hearth (Texas) - AEthelwulf Binkley -
Mobile - 1-817-789-2585

Some hearths are 'Family Hearths' and are closed to anyone outside that family group, but contact can still be made to find out more and possibly get involved in some way. Please do not expect to get involved in a hearth straight away as you will need to go through some form of security checks. The first step may be a meet-up, but that is up to the HF-C Hearth concerned.

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