Wednesday, 22 March 2017

News Update - March 2017

Sword of Wayland Magazine - Summer Finding Issue 2017.

This issue will be sent out tomorrow - March 23rd - which is the date in 867 CE when the Christian King AElla was punished by the Sons of Ragnar for the slaying of their father Ragnar Lodbrok. On this auspicious day King AElla had the Blood Eagle (*) drawn on him, a famous Viking punishment used for revenge for wrongs done and for wrongdoing against the Gods. The Sons of Ragnar invaded East Anglia with an army estimated to be 10,000 strong, led by Ivar the Boneless (Ingwar), Halfdan (Healfdene) and Ubba (Hubba). From there the Kingdom of Northumbria was invaded and King AElla captured and tortured.

(*) The Blood Eagle was a horrific method of torture said to have been used by the Vikings. A cut was made up the length of the back, exposing the ribs; the ribs were hacked , snapped and pulled back, and then the lungs were pulled out and folded back. The result was what looked like an Eagle with outstretched wings. If the pain was not bad enough salt was rubbed into the wound. This torture seems to have been a dedication to Woden-Odin if the following picture depicts such a scene. The Blood Eagle was reserved for the worst crimes, especially crimes committed against the Gods. The above shows Ragnar Lodrok drawing the Blood Eagle on King Horik; the TV series 'The Vikings' shows this done ritually (as below) since this was a Heathen King presumably. In the case of the Christian King AElla this was not done ritually. A Christian King would not be able to enter Valhalla, whereas the Heathen King would.

The 'Religion of Evil' - Christianity - was spreading across Europe, the drive being headed by the Franks, starting with Charles the Saxon-Slayer (Charlemagne) who murdered some 50,000 Saxons in Germania. The Franks carried on this purge of Heathenism and the Christian Kings of the English sided with them, even though their kinsmen - the Saxons - had been murdered by the Christian Franks. This was one reason why the Northern Vikings would have invaded England, just as the Saxons called for aid from their kin in Germania who crossed into Britain and sacked the Christian Churches; both fought against the growing 'Religion of Evil'.

The Blood Eagle

England Day Folk-Moot - Details have been sent out to Wodenic Activists for this important Folk-Moot.