Wednesday, 26 April 2017

News Update - April 2017


We held a well-attended Folk-Moot at Avebury with an overnight camp at Wayland's Smithy. The turnout was not quite as good as last year but we had two new faces attend this one, always a good sign for the future. The weather was brilliant during the Saturday at Avebury Stone Circle and the overnight camp was dry but very cold. We had the usual problem of the individual loud-mouthed lefty-woman who tried to disrupt the ritual; can you ever imagine them trying to do this to a Muslim Ritual?

We are forever being accused of being 'bigots' and 'intolerant' and yet it is those who oppose our world-view and ideals that try to deny us the right to free speech and to undertake our religious rites. It is these people who are intolerant bigots. There is little point in arguing or even talking to such people since they are so narrow-minded and intolerant of anything but the modern 'progressive society' based upon the nightmare of multiculturalism. They are tools of a rotten and corrupt regime whose aim is to destroy our Folk - nothing less!

Some had to make a long journey home but many stayed for the overnight camp which was a great success. We used a lot of drumming during the rites, something we are now developing as we progress. We were joined at the Smithy by two policemen and a policewoman after the usual busy-body had rung them to make a 'complaint'; this is nothing unusual since it has happened so many times before. The State does not need a large secret police force since they have so many 'spies' and 'busybodies' within the masses. As usual the cowards that do this hide behind the police in doing this.

The one thing that I would like to point out is this - we leave no mess, we do no damage, we do no harm, we ensure the place is kept as it was when we arrived. English Heritage, who run the place (it belongs to the Folk of England since it is an ancestral heritage) have had to fence off part of the barrow due to erosion caused by the 'public'. So who is it that does the damage - the public. There are steps that are there to use but the erosion is where members of the public have climbed up at the side of the steps, rather than using the steps. So why do they try to stop us using the site when the damage is being done by a section of the public who do not care at all for such Sacred Sites? To us such sites are Sacred Sites and we use them to connect to our Ancestors who used them thousands of years ago.

MIDSUMMER FOLK-MOOT - The Midsummer Folk-Moot has been cancelled due to some of our main activists not being able to attend.

PLEASE NOTE - The problems we had at Avebury and Wayland's Smithy will never put us off using these sites again; we have not held one at Avebury for about three years now but we have made our mark once again and our presence has been noted. The great problem we encountered at Avebury was really the parking of our cars. Far more of a problem than 'Mamma Leftie'!