Tuesday, 22 May 2018

News Update - May 2018

BLOG POSTS - At this time of the year you will find less posts on all of the Wulfinga Blogs; this is due to the fact that I use the better weather conditions to do work outdoors rather than sitting behind a computer which can be done during the colder winter periods, although even then outdoor work is important. I have been pushing on with the Edel Project and trying to outdo the work done last year; also work has been done on the Folkland Project which is a new venture started this year. For the first time in many years I have managed to get my own garden tidied up and looking good, which is very important I feel. So if you do not see so many blog posts and longer time is taken to reply to emails this is the reason why. 

AETHELWULF (Garren Helm) - I would urge our folk to give their full support to AEthelwulf who stands to serve a long prison sentence for merely speaking his mind - in support of the English Folk. Today this country is ruled by tyranny and through terror tactics, trying to scare people into submission through the 'iron fist'. Whereas it is clear to thinking people (the few) that it is the British State that is using terror tactics, these people have cleverly manipulated the situation so that anyone who opposes them is a 'terrorist'. This was clearly and openly stated some years ago and started in the USA, thus being taken up here in England. Individuals and groups who oppose the Global Tyranny become 'terrorists' and nations who oppose this Global Tyranny are blown from the face of the earth! Since it is mainly the USA and Britain involved in the conflicts it is no wonder we are so unpopular around the world. But it is not the people of the US and Britain - it is the same ruling elite that controls both nations. Those who stand up to this tyranny deserve to be supported in any way we can. 

YOUTUBE VIDEOS - Two new videos have been put up onto English Heathen, one on 'At-al-land' and the other on the 'Ar-Kan Rune-Lag'. These are designed as 'Educational Videos'.